Difference between v4.X LTS vs v6.X NodeJS ? Which one to Use?

August 10, 2016| demoplanet

Node.js is great software development for server side programming. It continuously updated with release of new versions. In simple language we can say that:

  • Node.js v4.x LTS (Long Term Support ) : For Enterprise Application
  • Node.js v6.x (Latest/Current features) : For Testing Latest Environment and early adopters.

The NodeJs Community is growing very fast with involvement of new developer each day. The new features are added every day and so they decided to release Node in two separate versions viz LTS and Current.

For Stability, Security and Refined Feature Use NodeJS v4.x LTS

Many organization who build enterprise level application and reluctant to upgrade frequently prefer LTS version. Because it gives them less cost on upgrading the system. Generally it provides the stability to the application and strong security to the software applications.

Yes! it’s packed with feature that are blended and refined.

So if you are planning to release product use LTS versions.

Let’s get started with stable LTS version here

For Latest and Greatest Feature Use NodeJS v6.x 

If you are fine with upgrading your environment frequently without and issues, Yes It’s for you.

So what you waiting for download the latest version


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